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Guiding Your Board Through an Economic Downturn

Originally published by the National Club Association in the Fall 2019 issue of Club Business Magazine.

Prior to joining Club Benchmarking as CEO in 2017, I enjoyed a wonderful career in club management that began in 1984. Along the way I had the...

Diagnosis: Chronic Senioritis

Is your "Senior" membership category out of balance? How are fees and policies related to that category impacting the club's financial health?

CB Member Resources: In this article we'll be looking closely at two slides: Senior Members and Senior...

Club Amenities: Follow the Yellow Slice

Originally published by the National Club Association, Club Director Magazine

Capital Investment Trends in Private Clubs

Originally published in NCA Club Director Magazine Fall 2018

CLUB BENCHMARKING DATA REVEALS a “Tale of Three Cities” happening in the club industry, and we are deeply concerned about what appears to be a growing divergence. According to our...

Ready to Build a Bright Future for Your Club?Just Say NO to DIY Capital Reserve Study

Originally published by BoardRoom Magazine March/April 2018

Satisfaction vs Loyalty: What's the Difference?

Golf Course Maintenance:How Much Should You Spend?

The industry debate over how much a club should budget to maintain its golf course seems never-ending, and that’s understandable. The course consumes a significant portion of the cash required to run a club and it is also one of the most visible and...

How to Start a Serious Discussion About Capital Investment with Your Board

If just one rule could be instituted in every club boardroom with the goal of making the entire industry healthier, it would be this… Every time a Board member is tempted to bring up the subject of F&B profitability, they have to stop themselves and...

Explaining the Business to Your Board

Finding Common Ground Through the Language of Finance The most successful private club executives are in a class of their own when it comes hospitality. They are experts at delivering an extraordinary club experience and managing large teams of...

Medinah Country Club Says "Yes" to Innovation & Value Creation

by Robert A. Sereci, GM/COO Medinah Country Club Guest Author and Club Benchmarking SubscriberAs most club managers do, I try to spend our capital dollars in the most prudent way possible. When the idea struck me to obtain a food truck and brand it...