The Strategic Monthly Dashboard (SMD) is a FREE service that provides critical insight on monthly market trends. Our objective is to arm you with fact-based answers about how your club is faring relative to other clubs in your local or regional market and to the industry overall. Get fact-based reporting on monthly market trends in dues and non-dues revenue, member counts, initiation fees, factors related to joining and capital and operating finance.

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6/23/21 6/30/21 MAY 7/04/21
7/23/21 7/30/21 JUNE 8/04/21
8/24/21 8/31/21 JULY 9/07/21
9/23/21 9/30/21 AUGUST 10/04/21
10/22/21 10/29/21 SEPTEMBER 11/04/21
11/23/21 11/30/21 OCTOBER 12/06/21
12/28/21 12/31/21 NOVEMBER 1/04/22


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