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Market Update: Residential Real Estate in a COVID Economy

"We can't control the wind, but we can adjust the sails."

I don't sail much any more, but that adage definitely speaks to me as I reflect on what we've all been faced with over the last six weeks. I am a self-confessed data geek who has been...

Spring 2020: Crisis or Opportunity?

Now Might Be a Good Time to Rethink Your Club’s Business Model...

Over the coming weeks and months, clubs will be faced with lost revenue due to sustained closures and challenges related to retention of staff and members. Some clubs will emerge...

Guiding Your Board Through an Economic Downturn

Originally published by the National Club Association in the Fall 2019 issue of Club Business Magazine.

Prior to joining Club Benchmarking as CEO in 2017, I enjoyed a wonderful career in club management that began in 1984. Along the way I had the...

Diagnosis: Chronic Senioritis

Is your "Senior" membership category out of balance? How are fees and policies related to that category impacting the club's financial health?

CB Member Resources: In this article we'll be looking closely at two slides: Senior Members and Senior...

Preparing Your Club for the Future: The Time to Start is Now

By Jim Butler, CEO - Club Benchmarking

Governance Perspective: Leadership in Transition

by Steve Mona

Over the course of my 39-year career in the golf industry, I’ve earned a reputation as a guy who likes to stay busy. At the end of 2018, when I stepped back from my role as CEO of the World Golf Foundation, I accepted a new position...

Seeing 2020 and Beyond

It's time to stop planning one year at a time and start building capital budgets with a clear vision for the future of your club

Summer is flying by and the capital and operating budget process will soon be upon us. Annual operating budgets are...

Club Amenities: Follow the Yellow Slice

Originally published by the National Club Association, Club Director Magazine

Capital Investment Trends in Private Clubs

Originally published in NCA Club Director Magazine Fall 2018

CLUB BENCHMARKING DATA REVEALS a “Tale of Three Cities” happening in the club industry, and we are deeply concerned about what appears to be a growing divergence. According to our...

Ready to Build a Bright Future for Your Club?Just Say NO to DIY Capital Reserve Study

Originally published by BoardRoom Magazine March/April 2018