HR Network Webinar:
Systems-Driven Continuous Improvement for Human Resources
presented by Tim Rowe - Club Benchmarking Executive Consultant

Thursday, June 20th, 2024
3:00-4:00 PM EASTERN

Human resource management requires a broad scope of skills. Not the least of which is creating and/or facilitating systems that deliver predictable results as they are implemented by a variety of departments. Your ability to lead the process of continuous improvement through system analysis, vision creation, and strategy implementation will serve you and your Club for years to come.

During this webinar you will first learn how to create a Vision or “desired future state” for the improved functioning of your department within the Club environment. Then, the session will teach how to translate your Vision into SMART Objectives, Strategic Initiatives, and ultimately updated Operating Plans that give you the greatest opportunity to deliver the desired improved future state. Finally, we’ll discuss how including your co-workers in the process is crucial to the success of your efforts.

*Attendees will be eligible for SHRM & HRCI credits!

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