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Membership Benchmarking
Actionable Insight

Soliciting member feedback on a regular basis demonstrates openness to change and empowers your members to participate in crafting an ideal club experience, for themselves and for future members. We partner with you to deliver actionable insight and change outcomes through our custom membership benchmarking services. Choose a comprehensive analysis of Member Loyalty or combine individual components to focus on specific areas of interest.

Features & Benefits

Groundbreaking Research: Our proprietary algorithms and report methodology are grounded in published academic research. Results are scientifically valid and proven to accurately measure and predict member loyalty.

Focused on Your Needs: We partner with you and your team to focus on the actionable insight you need. Commission a comprehensive benchmark study of your membership, or select individual components to target key areas.

Powerful Reports: We deliver actionable insight with direct application to improved member retention and more effective marketing efforts. Study reports include relevant industry benchmarks and qualitative text analysis highlighting prominent topics of interest.

Easy and Effective: We coordinate survey distribution, track response rates and communicate with you throughout the process. Our objective, third-party data gathering and analysis makes it easy to capture candid feedback from your members.

Custom Study Components

Member Loyalty: Our comprehensive Member Loyalty Survey measures and analyzes contributing factors including Motivation, Value, Satisfaction and Attachment to predict and benchmark the loyalty of your members.

Member Motivation: Understanding what motivated your current members to join the club improves your ability to meet their needs and serves as a competitive advantage for attracting future members.

Value & Quality: What aspects of the club experience do your members value most? Get candid feedback about what factors are influencing your members' perspective on the value of their membership.

Member Satisfaction: Member satisfaction is a measurement of how well you are meeting expectations at the current time. Member satisfaction is a contributing factor in the evaluation of member attachment and loyalty.

Member Attachment: What factors influence your members’ connection to the club? Member attachment functions as a bridge between member satisfaction and member loyalty. The weaker the attachment, the more likely the member is to resign.

Membership Demographics: What is the demographic makeup of your membership? The questions in the section of the survey are used to identify trends based on the members’ demographic profiles.

Member Perspectives on Capital Planning:  Capture feedback on the current state of the club and evaluate member interest in and prioritization of future capital improvements. Actionable insight provides a framework for long-range planning and helps to inform decisions about obligatory and aspirational capital investments.

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How Well Do You Know Your Members?

Do you know what motivated your current members to join the club? What factors influence their sense of connection to the club? How strong is their desire to continue their membership? The relationship between a member and their club is complicated, but it can be effectively measured, analyzed and understood. Our proprietary, research-based process uncovers game-changing insight that will transform your approach to marketing, member retention and long-range planning. 

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