Step #1: Financial Data Input Service

Our data input service is included in your subscription fee and it makes adding fiscal-year-end financial data to your account fast and easy. This first step will take five minutes or less. Use of the service ensures accuracy of  "apples to apples" benchmaking. Manual entry of financial data is not recommended.


CLUBESSENTIAL NOTE: If you use Clubessential Office as your accounting software, you can upload your financial information with one click from your Clubessential Office Dashboard.

Step #2: Schedule an Online Benchmark Review

In your online session, we'll review your data and take a look at some key benchmarks for your club. It's an interactive session so you'll be able to ask questions. We recommend picking a date that allows at least one week for processing the data you submitted in step #1.


Step #3: Operational Data Worksheet

The next step is to submit data that would not be found in your trial balance file. Things like dues, member counts and rounds of golf can be submitted by completing a simple worksheet. 


Step #4: Net-Worth-Over-Time Analysis

Capital planning is both the biggest challenge and the best opportunity for improvement in clubs. A key piece of the process is understanding the club's current trajectory of net worth. Calculate your club's Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) and receive a Net Worth Benchmark Report to determine whether you are on a path of growth, decline or stagnation.



We're Here to Help You!

If you have questions or need assistance, our Member Success Team is ready to help. Your subscription includes full phone support and online training for platform use, data submission, and interpretation of reports.

Jim Boyle
Director of Member Success
Club Benchmarking
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