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Proper Capital Planning Begins Here

Introducing COMPASS... a transformative approach to capital planning designed specifically for private clubs. Set your club on the path to a healthy and sustainable future with comprehensive, continuous and connected capital planning that leverages powerful software to drive alignment from board to board and through management transitions over time.


What is COMPASS?

COMPASS is a permanent solution to capital planning that combines cutting-edge software and a well-defined process supported by a team of highly trained asset management specialists. We work with you to continuously maintain your capital plan in real time so it's always accurate and up-to-date. No more starts, stops and stalls trying to manage your club's future using static documents and multiple spreadsheets. COMPASS is a dynamic process integrated with the software and support that keeps your club in control of capital planning and asset management, forever.

COMPASS is the key to proper capital planning. Software functions include:

Obligatory Capital Needs: Club Benchmarking Asset Evaluation Specialists conduct a thorough onsite inventory of every capitalized asset to document its projected end-of-useful-life as well as current and future replacement costs. Your COMPASS subscription includes monthly data management services to ensure your capital plan is always accurate and up to date.

Membership Modeling Function: Define your own membership classes. Group classes into categories. Set caps for both classes and categories and specify operating and capital dues for each class. Membership modeling flows through member count calculations, initiation fee income projections, capital dues income projections and assessment projections.

Aspirational Capital Needs: Identify aspirational projects by name and quantify using your own terminology. Multiple aspirational projects can be identified by name and amount and tied to a given year in the capital plan.


Initiation Fee Function: Specify initiation fees and payment terms by class. Initiation fee income carries through to the cash flow forecast automatically based on initiation fee specifications and membership assumptions.

Debt Service Needs: COMPASS automatically calculates amortization tables by payment period or you can upload from excel. Payments carry into the cash flow model and the software allows for input of additional principle payments beyond those required by the amortization.

Operating Ledger Function: Input current year operating revenue and expenses as the baseline, with separate increases projected annually for dues revenue, non-dues revenue and expenses. This allows for a quantified operating result for each year in the model that carries through the available capital calculations.


Assessment Module: Identify and name assessments using a bottom-up or top-down approach and with payment up front or over time with an interest rate, defined for each member category. Potential assessment-related attrition is also easily modeled.

Reporting and Analysis: COMPASS features cutting-edge reporting and analysis via integrated Microsoft PowerBI, one of the world’s most powerful business intelligence tools.

Club Capital Planning

The COMPASS Difference

Historically, capital planning in the private club industry has been reactive rather than proactive, with outputs that are static, disconnected and ultimately ineffective. Grounded in more than a decade of research and experience, COMPASS combines proven processes, robust software, integrated reporting  and world-class support so you can stay focused on bringing the club's long-term vision to life.



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Whether you are a club management professional or a member of the board or finance committee, you have probably experienced the frustration of not having enough capital to address the club's needs. COMPASS is a comprehensive asset management solution that solves the industry wide problem of inadequate capital and allows every club to address capital planning as the continuous, mission-critical business process that it is.

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