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Proven Business Intelligence for Clubs

Historically, clubs have operated with a narrow focus, navigating from one year to the next and monitoring progress through last month’s income statement against budgets. Sustainable success requires a more strategic, forward-looking view of finances centered on stewardship of assets. Club Benchmarking helps clubs gain control of their financial future by using fact-based data and proven insight to align the leadership team.

Available Services

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Education for
Club Leaders & Members

We believe that when club leaders elevate fact over opinion, the result is healthier clubs, more empowered general managers and boards equipped to focus on strategic issues. Our presentations to boards, committees, management teams and members have had a positive impact on hundreds of clubs across the country. In our role as objective, third party experts in club finance, we use data to facilitate fact-based conversations about your club and to inform the decision making process.



Industry Education

Education and learning have been an integral part of our company since its founding in 2009, and we are proud to be recognized as enthusiastic providers of relevant, fact-based education for the club industry. Our live presentations and webinars receive rave reviews from dozens of local and national association groups every year, including members and leaders of CMAA, HFTP, PGA, GCSAA, NCA and CSCM. 


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Advisory Services

Our mission is to provide reliable data and accurate club industry benchmarks to help stakeholders make informed, strategic decisions. We serve as data-driven advisors to a wide range of club industry participants including boards, owners, investors, developers, banks and associations. 


What Our Customers Have to Say


"The business intelligence we access through our partnership with Club Benchmarking is invaluable to me as a Manager and to my Board Members. They ask for it by name."


Marcus King

“Partnering with Club Benchmarking is such an easy ROI argument to make. It’s like buying a soft serve machine for a snack bar in a Florida club… a no brainer!”


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Board Orientation Video

Are your club's incoming board members fully prepared for the realities of club governance? This addresses the foundational challenges many club boards face and lays the groundwork for long-term health and stability through targeted education.


Let's Talk About Your Club 

Club Benchmarking education and business advisory services provide powerful insight for industry stakeholders. If your goal is to leverage data and tap into the expertise of the club industry's most experienced benchmark analysts, you are in the right place. Complete the form and we will schedule a meeting to discuss your needs.

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