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The Strategic Monthly Dashboard (SMD) is a FREE service that provides critical insight on monthly market trends and changes in member counts, dues and initiation fee rates, non-dues revenue and other key financial metrics. Do you know how your club is faring relative to other clubs in your local or regional market and relative to the industry overall?

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The Club Benchmarking Strategic Monthly Dashboard is a FREE tool that delivers groundbreaking insight for boards and senior management. Participating clubs track monthly trends in membership, cost-of-belonging, initiation fees and operational and capital finance for their own club, their local competitive market and the industry overall. Submitting your data takes less than 20 minutes a month, and you'll have access to fresh monthly market intelligence in time for your board meetings.

A Note About Our KPI Selection Criteria
In private clubs, a dashboard relevant for a department manager should monitor performance related to day-to-day operations. For board members, the focus should be on high-level, strategic KPIs that reflect the club’s overall performance, both in its own market and in relation to its own historical trends.

Extensive research and thought went into selecting key performance indicators (KPIs) for the Strategic Monthly Dashboard. Our goal was to ensure they would be relevant for every club regardless of location, club type, size or quality. The KPIs chosen are particularly pertinent to the monthly board meeting process, as they make it possible to monitor a club’s competitive position over time, within its own local market and within the industry at large. 

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