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Club Benchmarking Advanced Compensation and Workforce Analysis leverages the industry’s most reliable data and delivers the insight you need to proactively manage staffing challenges and balance the club’s financial results with member service expectations. This intensive, data-driven study of your club’s staffing and payroll expenses delivers actionable information never before available in the club industry.  

What’s Included in the Report?

  • Professional Format: The Advanced Workforce & Compensation Analysis report is delivered in meeting-ready PowerPoint format. From initial planning to delivery of the finished report, our staff will work closely with your team to ensure best results.
  • Survey and Report Methodology: Data gathering & reporting methodology, description of the peer set used for the analysis and the specific questions the club would like to have answered.
  • Executive Summary: A high-level overview of the club’s benchmarked financial results, including net worth over time and overall payroll expense.
  • Overview of Human Resource Staffing & Expense: A detailed breakout of full time equivalent employees and related expenses by department and employee demographics.  The report also examines staff turnover and tenure.
  • Overview of Payroll Taxes and BenefitsAn in-depth look at the club’s employee benefit offerings including related expenses and eligibility policies.
  • Individual Position Benchmarks: This section of the report examines the club’s pay strategy by position. Multiple metrics for each individual position benchmarked against a relevant comparative set.
  • Conclusion: A summary section of key takeaways regarding the club’s financial health and overall staffing. We will work closely with you to understand the story this report tells about your club.
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