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Intensive Analysis and Powerful Insight

Our Advanced Compensation & Workforce Analysis Solutions leverage the industry’s most reliable data and deliver the insight you need to proactively manage staffing challenges and balance the club’s financial results with member service expectations. Our data-driven approach to staffing and payroll expenses delivers actionable information never before available in the club industry.

What is the Workforce Analysis Report?

Professional Format: The Workforce & Advanced Compensation Analysis Report is delivered in meeting-ready PowerPoint format. Our staff will work closely with your team to ensure best results and to transfer understanding of the story this report tells about your club.

Survey and Report Methodology: Your report will include a summary of data gathering and reporting methodologies, a description of the peer set used for the analysis and an outline of the specific questions the club seeks to answer through the research.

Executive Summary: The report will include a high-level overview of your club’s benchmarked financial results, including an analysis of net worth over time and overall payroll expense.

Staffing & Related Expenses: The highlight of the report is a detailed departmental breakout of full time equivalent employees and related expenses as well as information on employee demographics, staff turnover and tenure.

Payroll Taxes and Benefits: Manage payroll budgets and understand your club's competitive position with accurate industry benchmarks for benefits offered, related expenses and eligibility policies.

Individual Position Benchmarks: This section of the report examines the club’s pay strategy, with multiple metrics for each individual position benchmarked against a relevant comparative set.

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Don't Take Our Word for It

Our HR management tools and services are extremely powerful. Clubs across the country are partnering with us to hire smarter, improve staff retention and balance financial results with member expectations, but don't take our word for it...


"Seeing the in-depth comparison to other clubs is helpful in identifying possible changes in the operations of your own club. Our Finance Committee found the information helpful in determining the wage increase pool during the budget process, as well as evaluating specific positions against the industry."

Brae Burn Country Club, MA

"Collecting data is necessary if you want to create meaningful compensation programs, but it can be very difficult in the club industry. Club Benchmarking worked diligently with us to identify clubs with comparable data and provide us with the meaningful insights we need."

Medinah Country Club, IL

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