Meet Our Team

Jim Butler 2019 WEBSITE

Dr. Jim Butler

Chief Executive Officer
Ray Cronin Club Benchmarking Founder

Ray Cronin

Founder & Chief Innovator
Steve Mona SQUARE

Steve Mona

Director of Governance & Leadership
Timmerman SQ2

Michael Timmerman, CRE

Chief Market Intelligence Officer
Dave Duval CROP

Dave Duval

Executive Consultant
Joe Abely SQUARE

Joe Abely

Executive Consultant
John Clark Tie-1

John Clark

Executive Consultant
Jim Boyle SQUARE

Jim Boyle

Director of Member Success
Chris Davis SQUARE

Chris Davis

Director - Data Analytics & Capital Planning
Jessie Hershey square

Jessie Hershey

Compensation & Benefits Specialist
Kevin Shea SQUARE

Kevin Shea

Member Success Manager
Mike Morin 2021 Sq

Mike Morin

Director of Data Management & Research
Peter George Data Analyst

Peter George

Data Analyst
Teri Finan SQUARE2

Teri Finan

Director of Communications
Brent Hildreth SQUARE

Brent Hildreth

Director of Capital Reserve Studies
Mat Bragg-1

Matthew Bragg

Capital Reserve Specialist
Lew Rosenbloom

Lewis Rosenbloom

Capital Reserve Specialist
Zach Adams

Zach Adams

Capital Reserve Specialist
Mike Vogt SQ LG

Michael Vogt - CGCS, CGIA

Capital Reserve Specialist
Andrea Drake CRS Specialist

Andrea Drake

Capital Reserve Specialist
Eric Gregory SQUARE

Eric Gregory, CCM

Executive Director - West Coast
Chris Barron SQUARE

Chris Barron, CCM

Executive Director - NE US & Eastern Canada
Tom Olson

Tom Olson

Executive Director - Midwest
Ken Butler

Ken Butler

Executive Director - Mid Atlantic
Denis OConnell SQUARE

Denis O'Connell

Director of Software Development
Nitish Rajbhandary Square

Nitish Rajbhandary

Senior Software Engineer