Lay the Groundwork for Your Club's Future

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Private club leaders have a fiduciary obligation to protect and grow the assets of the club they serve, and the condition of those physical assets is directly correlated to long-term success. A professional Capital Reserve Study from Club Benchmarking includes an accurate inventory of the club's physical assets, an assessment of  their condition and thorough documentation of life expectancy and replacement costs, so you have a clear picture of how much capital you're going to need and when it will be needed.


Your Club Benchmarking Capital Reserve Study will organize and prioritize capital repair and replacement needs for the next 20 years. Our proven process of financial analysis, staff interviews and onsite inspection creates a financial foundation for informed, impartial and intelligent decisions about investments in your club’s future. 


  • Maximize the impact of capital planning with a Capital Reserve Study as your foundation 
  • Equip Board & Committees to make fact-based, proactive decisions
  • Empower the executive team with a comprehensive, organized asset analysis
  • Meet the fiduciary duty to preserve and grow the club’s assets
  • Document sound business practices and governance to current and future members
  • Using data from your Capital Reserve Study, take the capital planning process to the next level with our Capital Strategies Modeling Solution


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