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The Capital Scorecard: Measuring Your Club's Capital Health

Experienced club managers are well acquainted with the metrics on their club’s income statement, and equally familiar with how intensely boards focus on those metrics in their monthly meetings. That focus on the income statement fuels frustrating debates about low-impact issues like the financial results in F&B and, unfortunately, burns time in the boardroom that would be much better spent attending to the health of the club’s balance sheet and financial future. After 10 years of study and analysis, Club Benchmarking research points to focus on the balance sheet and capital ledger as the “secret sauce” common among successful clubs. Just as it does in every industry, the balance sheet reflects the club’s financial health or lack thereof. This whitepaper identifies and explains three simple balance sheet metrics that together form a “Capital Scorecard” for your club.


Topics: Board Education, Capital Planning, whitepapers