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2021 Governance Survey Report: Best Practices in Club Governance

This is a summary of our findings from the 2021 Club Benchmarking Governance Survey. Conducted annually since 2017, the Governance Survey grew out of the exchange of ideas by a group of club presidents, treasurers and managers representing a dozen or so clubs in greater Boston. Over the years, the survey has evolved and expanded in response to suggestions from respondents and through our extensive work with individual clubs.

The Governance Survey was conceived as a diagnostic tool that would provoke thoughtful, productive discussions in club boardrooms and identify opportunities for improvement by evaluating understanding and adoption of recognized best practices directly tied to effective club governance. The survey also provides a meaningful foundation for direct engagements and orientation sessions with individual club leadership teams.  

The 2021 survey garnered more than 1,000 board member and GM responses from approximately 700 different clubs, reflecting the full industry spectrum with participation from golf clubs, country clubs, yacht clubs, tennis clubs and social clubs. This year’s response was the largest and most geographically diverse since the survey began five years ago. To the best of our knowledge, the responses also represent the largest involvement of board members in a data-collection effort of this kind. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the 2021 survey by taking time to participate.


Topics: Board Education, whitepapers, Club Governance