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From Insight to Action:
Using Stakeholder Feedback to Drive Continuous Improvement 

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

While it may not always be easy to hear what members and staff have to say, we know that both stakeholder groups play a major role in the club's long-term success so their feedback is invaluable. In this session, Dr. Jim Butler will explore six key aspects of the relationship between key stakeholders and the club and explain how to translate that insight into an action plan that drives continuous improvement. 

  • Satisfaction (How do they feel about the club as it is today?)
  • Motivation (Why do they want to be associated with your club?)
  • Engagement (How committed are they to the club's success?)
  • Attachment (What factors influence and deepen their connection to the club?)
  • Value (Which parts of the club experience matter most to them?)
  • Loyalty (How likely are they to remain part of your club family?) 

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