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Club Benchmarking & Club Board Professionals Launch Joint Survey to Advance Private Club Governance

Posted by Club Benchmarking on 9/11/20 4:03 PM

After nearly a decade of informal collaboration, Club Benchmarking and Club Board Professionals have officially joined forces to promote widespread understanding and adoption of best practices in private club governance. Dave Duval and Joe Abely, Founders of Club Board Professionals, have joined the Club Benchmarking team as Executive Consultants.

The group's first project together will be launching the 2020 Club Governance Survey, an annual service to the industry introduced by Club Board Professionals in 2017. Data-gathering for the 2020 survey is underway and all private club managers, directors and officers are invited to participate. TAKE THE SURVEY

 The Club Governance Survey was developed with two goals in mind:

  • To gather information and compile survey findings in a report which advances the industry’s awareness and understanding of best practices for club governance.

  • To serve as a board self-evaluation tool that will provoke thought, fuel productive discussions and contribute to widespread adoption of governance best practices in the club industry.

Duval and Abely are both highly respected industry leaders whose professional qualifications and practical experience make them uniquely suited to support clubs and residential community clubs in the quest for more effective governance. Both Duval and Abely are CPAs who hold MBAs from leading business schools and they each bring decades of business training, financial expertise and C-level experience to the table. Additionally, both have served for extended periods as Treasurer and President on the boards of highly successful private clubs and HOAs.

“In the world of member-owned clubs, frequent board turnover has challenged efforts to identify and document best practices and hampered widespread adoption of common standards for club governance,” Dave Duval explains. “We are very pleased to join Club Benchmarking on their mission to overcome those obstacles. Our shared belief is that adoption of best practices with emphasis on establishing a long-term financial plan is the backbone of strategic governance and a key determinant of success.”

Club Benchmarking Founder Ray Cronin says it was inevitable that Duval and Abely would eventually become part of the Club Benchmarking team. “Dave and Joe are experienced strategists who have always been willing to dig deep for insight that moves the industry forward. They have been studying the issue from both sides for more than two decades – as sitting board members for numerous clubs, HOAs and other entities, and as consultants and trusted advisors to the boards and management teams of hundreds of clubs around the world. Combining our efforts and expertise is the most expeditious way to reach our common goal of transforming governance in the club industry."

To participate in the 2020 Club Governance Survey, CLICK HERE

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