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Club Benchmarking provides free copies of the annual reports to all survey participants and all Club Benchmarking subscribers. Participating clubs will also be invited to schedule a free online session to review your club's key benchmarks with a member of our team.

To qualify for a free report and analysis session, participating clubs must submit sufficient data in the related section. If your club's 2016 fiscal year has ended, you can get started right away! 

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Club Benchmarking provides free data input services for your year-end financials and your operational data. No self-entry required!



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2016 Finance & Operations

The 2016 Finance and Operations Report is a highly valuable report analyzing areas critical to club management and success.

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2016 Compensation & Benefits

The 2016 Compensation and Benefits Report provides an overview of compensation and benefits for all of the key positions in clubs. 

Table of Contents

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