FinancialBM_icon_300.pngThe Financial & Operational Benchmarking Platform
It all starts here. The CB Financial Benchmarking Platform is a subscription-based online management tool that allows you to benchmark your club’s financial & operational performance against the industry’s largest and most accurate standardized database. Our proven Financial Insight ModelTM and Key Performance Indicators are the cornerstones of a common and strategic industry framework clubs use to accurately assess and benchmark their financial and operational health. LEARN MORE


Capital Planning Solutions


Capital Reserve Studies (CRS) 

Capital Reserve Studies powered by Club Benchmarking utilize the process and procedures developed by Paul Mueller, the industry’s foremost authority on Capital Reserve Studies. Detailed capital asset inventories from hundreds of clubs across North America combined with our CRS database and extensive experience provide clear insight into a club’s future capital needs. Our data shows a club’s success hinges on its ability to generate the capital necessary to continuously invest in its physical assets. The first step in assuring your club does that effectively is detailing future capital needs via a Capital Reserve Study. LEARN MORE


Capital Strategies

Capital Strategies Modeling (CSM)

Capital Strategies Modeling is a natural complement to the Capital Reserve Studies Solution and a logical next step in a club’s long-term planning process. Our proprietary processes and platform are designed to help club leaders proactively plan for ongoing capital requirements and identify a strategy for achieving aspirational goals that ensure the club’s robust financial health and vitality well into the future. The Capital Strategies Modeling (CSM) Report provides powerful visualization of gaps between capital needs and resources and allows club leaders to analyze and select from various strategies to close the gaps. LEARN MORE

Stakeholder Solutions


Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking and Workforce Analysis

Advanced Compensation and Workforce Analysis leverages the industry’s most reliable data and delivers the insight you need to proactively manage staffing challenges and balance the club’s financial results with member service expectations. Our compensation and benefits database holds information on more than 100,000 club employees.



Employee Engagement Analysis

Recruiting and retaining staff who are reliable, passionate and motivated to serve is essential to your club’s success, so understanding the morale, engagement and satisfaction of your workforce on a continuous basis is critical. Club Benchmarking has developed the industry’s first Employee Engagement Survey to provide critical insight and perspective on your employment practices and culture through the eyes of your staff.  LEARN MORE



Membership Survey Solutions

Assessing a member’s perspective on club life has traditionally centered on satisfaction. Our Membership Survey Solutions are based on PhD research conducted by CEO Jim Butler. This innovative approach addresses Member Satisfaction and goes well beyond to provide insight into Motivation (why members join your club); Attachment (what factors make and deepen their connection to the club); Value (which programs and amenities matter most) and Loyalty (how likely members are to stay).



Board Education and Advisory Services

Board Education and Advisory Services profoundly impact the dialogue in the club to focus stakeholders on the key issues. Constant churn in the club boardroom means the people who come and go must quickly understand what matters and why if they are to succeed. Our seminal research on club finance and operations produces game-changing insight which helps educate and align Board, Management and Members. LEARN MORE



Financial Consulting Services
Club Benchmarking Financial Consulting Services help clubs gain control of their financial future by leveraging fact-based data and proven insight. Historically, clubs have operated with a narrow focus, struggling from one year to the next and monitoring progress through last month’s income statement against budgets. Sustainable success requires a more strategic, forward-looking view of finances centered on stewardship of assets. Clubs must re-orient their financial perspective from a one month/one year at a time view of the income statement to a future-looking view of the balance sheet and physical assets.

Education for Chapters, Managers & Controllers
We offer a variety of sessions to engage and educate club industry professionals. CMAA-approved with education credits available for sessions of 90 minutes or more and no fees other than travel for CMAA Chapter presentations. LEARN MORE