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Club Benchmarking is on a mission to deliver fact-based insight to clubs. Powered by our core Financial Benchmarking platform, every CB SolutionTM we offer is built on a foundation of data and research to deliver game-changing, actionable insight. We collect and analyze data from thousands of clubs every year – small and large, with and without golf. That intentional diversity of information is part of our commitment to serve the full spectrum of club industry stakeholders (staff, managers, boards, committees, members and industry constituents including associations).

  • The Benchmarking Platform
    The Club Benchmarking online platform makes it easy to assess and understand your club’s individual performance and allows you to benchmark your performance relative to other clubs. Our proprietary process for acquisition of financial data ensures accurate, validated apples-to-apples benchmarking. 
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  • Compensation & Benefits and Workforce Analysis Benchmarking
    The heartbeat of every club is its staff. Payroll is also the club’s largest single expense and it is often a magnet for scrutiny from members. Precise and accurate assessment of your compensation practices using reliable market data provides the insight you need to achieve balance between financial results and member service expectations. Our database of compensation and benefits for nearly 100,000 club employees is growing every day and our lofty goal is to pursue gathering the latest compensation data for every single staff member in the industry so our customers have access to the most accurate and reliable data available.
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  • Capital Reserve Studies
    Capital Reserve Studies powered by Club Benchmarking utilize the process and procedures developed by Paul Mueller, the industry’s foremost authority on Capital Reserve Studies. Detailed capital asset inventories from hundreds of clubs across North America combined with our CRS database and extensive experience provide clear insight into a club’s future capital needs. Our data shows a club’s success hinges on its ability to generate the capital necessary to continuously invest in its physical assets. The first step in assuring your club does that effectively is detailing future capital needs via a Capital Reserve Study.
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  • Employee Engagement Surveys
    Recruitment and retention of staff who are reliable, passionate and motivated to serve is essential to your club’s success. With tight labor markets and uncertainty surrounding wage and labor laws, it is important to have a clear understanding of the relative morale and satisfaction of your workforce. Club Benchmarking Employee Engagement Surveys provide critical insight and perspective on your employment practices and culture, through the eyes of your staff and relative to club industry employee engagement benchmarks.
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  • Board Education & Advisory Services
    The club industry is a cottage industry, long on opinion and emotion and short on fact-based insight. Our seminal research on Finance and Operations has delivered game-changing insight which is incredibly helpful in educating and aligning club leadership teams. Hundreds of clubs across the country have used Education & Advisory Services powered by Club Benchmarking to transform the dialogue in the club and focus stakeholders on the key issues. 
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  • Education for Chapters, Managers & Controllers
    We offer a variety of sessions to engage and educate club industry professionals. CMAA-approved with education credits available for sessions of 90 minutes or more and no fees other than travel for CMAA Chapter presentations.
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