Employee Engagement Surveys
powered by Club Benchmarking

engagement small.jpgYour staff sets the tone for the entire club, and nothing has a bigger impact on the membership than employee engagement and satisfaction. You can't afford to guess when it comes to workplace morale. Club Benchmarking employee engagement surveys help you quickly & easily assess staff morale and workforce culture.

Survey coordinator Mike Morin would love to answer your questions about CB Employee Engagement Surveys. Mike can be reached at 603-318-8961 or by email to mmorin@clubbenchmarking.com 

Features & Benefits

  • Measure staff engagement and gain insight into workplace morale
  • Benchmark your results against other clubs
  • Management & non-management versions available
  • English/Spanish translation
  • Easy to access online format via email link or inhouse computer stations
  • Customization available
  •