Golf Course Maintenance:How Much Should You Spend?

The industry debate over how much a club should budget to maintain its golf course seems never-ending, and that’s understandable. The course consumes a significant portion of the cash required to run a club and it is...Read more

How to Start a Serious Discussion About Capital Investment with Your Board

If just one rule could be instituted in every club boardroom with the goal of making the entire industry healthier, it would be this… Every time a Board member is tempted to bring up the subject of F&B...Read more

Explaining the Business to Your Board

Finding Common Ground Through the Language of Finance The most successful private club executives are in a class of their own when it comes hospitality. They are experts at delivering an extraordinary club experience...Read more


GM and Executive Staff Bonus Plans in the Private Club Industry

This white paper is the result of research into the structure and drivers of executive compensation in the club industry. In the process of developing a customized...Read More

Executive Compensation in the Club Industry

One of the most firmly held beliefs in the club industry is that executive compensation is directly related to the club’s geographic location. Historically, the general...Read More


Grosse Pointe Yacht Club, MI

Through the lens of the Available Cash Model, club leaders can identfy opportunities for improvement and align themselves around a common set of priorities. Club: Grosse Pointe Yacht...Read More

West Lake Country Club, GA

Through the lens of the Available Cash Model, clubs are able to recognize strong performance and quickly identfy opportunities for improvement. Club name: West Lake Country ClubLocation:Augusta,...Read More

Ridgewood Country Club, TX

Club Benchmarking reports and the Available Cash Model can be used to make crucial decisions about the  membership value proposition. Club: Ridgewood Country ClubLocation: Waco, TXTop...Read More


Each toolkit is a collection of resources designed to help the leadership team develop a common understanding of core financial and operational concepts in the club industry.

Resources for Private Club Leaders


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Club Industry Research
In addition to offering subscription access to the online benchmarking platform and reports, we produce static annual reports covering Finance & Operations and Compensation and Benefits in the club industry. These reports are available for purchase in PDF format.