What is Club Benchmarking?

Club Benchmarking is a subscription-based online management tool that provides a 360-degree view of the Finance & Operations, Compensation & Benefits, and Policies & Procedures of your club. Our proven models and ratios measure what really matters and apply a framework for planning, budgeting, and managing your club. CB is accessible 24/7 and the platform is completely secure so your data is never visible to anyone but you.

How Does it Work?
Assess. Compare. Improve.

AC_Uses_NCAASSESS: First we establish a baseline for assessing your own club's performance. We do that by working with you to populate your account with data, then we meet with you online to discuss the findings and go over key metrics.

COMPARE: Once your account is set up, you're ready to run reports and comparisons. Easy to use filters allow you to select a peer set for comparison based on club attributes like revenue, annual dues, club type, etc. Automated reporting eliminates the need to create spreadsheets and build your own reports. Just filter and click to see a graphical view of an individual metric or a complete report on anything from Food & Beverage to Course Maintenance or Membership. You choose the format (PowerPoint or PDF) and in seconds the platform delivers reports that are ready to share with board, staff and members.

IMPROVE: Club Benchmarking gives you clear, actionable data so you can see what is working well, and where the club has opportunities for improvement. With 24/7 online access to reliable benchmark data, your team can stay focused on the issues that really matter.


Why Are So Many Clubs Using Club Benchmarking?

  • Credible, accurate industry data lets you focus on the facts and
    feel confident about the decisions you’re making.
  • Backup your experience and validate strong management 
    performance with credible third party data.

  • Align the entire team around a common set of facts and keep
    things on track in the boardroom.

  • Put the financial significance of F&B in perspective to end the
    "amenity vs. profit center" debate.

  • Elevate fact over opinion to empower managers and help
    boards focus on strategic issues.

The Right Solution
for Public Golf Facilities

After many requests for a benchmarking solution for daily fee facilities, multi-course owners/operators, resorts and municipal courses with metrics and reports geared toward public properties, we are proud to introduce our sister company, Links Insight!




Join Club Benchmarking

Whether you're seeking a closer look at your own club or a reality check as to how you're performing relative to other clubs, Club Benchmarking is a powerful online tool that gives you 24/7 desktop access to the information you need. 

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