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Annual Data Submission Instructions

Data submission can be completed in under an hour. Club Benchmarking subscribers and participants in other annual CB surveys may have already completed one or more of the steps below. If you have questions or would like to verify your status, send an email to Eric Gregory at egregory@clubbenchmarking.com.
Step #1: Submit Financial Data (10 minutes or less)
We provide free data input services to expedite the submission of financial data for you and to ensure the accuracy of resulting reports. Click the button below for instructions on how to access and submit your most recent fiscal year end trial balance file. 


Step #2: Operational Data (10 minutes or less)
Click the button below to get a worksheet and instructions for submitting operational data.


Step #3: Submit Net Worth Data (20 minutes or less)
Click the button below to get a worksheet for submitting Net Worth data.