The Available Cash Model for Clubs

Learn about the common business model for clubs and get the facts you need to answer your board's tough questions


  • "Why aren't we turning a profit in our dining room like that restaurant up the street?"
  • "It's been hard to bring in new members. Can't we just book a few more weddings?"
  • "Sure the utility bills are sky high, but how can we afford to replace the air conditioners?"

Sound familiar? Questions like these can be frustrating, but they will come up time and again if board members don't have a clear understanding of how the club actually makes money and pays its bills.


Our in-depth analysis of data from more than 1,000 clubs has identified a common business model for clubs. We call it the "Available Cash Model" and it puts club finances in perspective by illustrating the true impact of each revenue source and how that money is allocated. Managers across the country are using the Available Cash Model whitepaper to get boardroom discussions focused on the financial and operational issues that really drive their clubs. Download your FREE copy today!


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