Yacht Club Data Gathering is Underway

Club Benchmarking is proud to support the 2017 Yacht Club Roundtable held during the 90th Annual World Conference on Club Management by providing data gathering and analysis.

Yacht Clubs comprise an important segment of the club industry and we make every effort to ensure that all Yacht Clubs, those who are CB subscribers and those who are not, are fully represented in our database and our research. We are committed to serving these special clubs with relevant and comprehensive data. Your participation in our data-gathering process is vital to that effort, even if you're not planning to attend this year's roundtable.

Participating clubs are asked to submit data which will be held in a secure Club Benchmarking account. Your club’s data is completely confidential and will never be visible or accessible to any other club. Comparative data is only presented in aggregated form. Clubs contributing complete information will receive a copy of the roundtable presentation. 

Participation is easy -- financial data is submitted via year end trial balance file and we provide a worksheet to capture a small amount of operational data.


Participation Deadline is Monday January 30th



Survey Support

If you have questions about participating or need assistance, contact Bill Lupo by phone at 508-603-9418 or by at: wlupo@clubbenchmarking.com