Lending Institutions...

CB serves as a lender's gatekeeper to accurately assesses the financial health of a club and to fully understand the risk-level associated with lending money to a specific club. Taking into account the capital and operational flows and needs, CB’s Available Cash Model helps define the conditions and constraints to maximize lending success. CB can provide a specific lender’s package with the Key Performance Indicators that correlate to club risk and health.


For most clubs, financing is a necessary and appropriate tool for major renovations and projects. Reduce your lending costs by validating the health of your club with a standardized borrower’s package. You don’t need to secure lending via “member connections.” Let the health of the club and the effectiveness of the management team speak for themselves.

Looking to sell your club?

Club Benchmarking's principals have strong relationships with well capitalized and proven owner-operators who purchase golf/country clubs in all cash deals. The approach enables the new ownership to re-invest in the club and keep dues for current members at affordable rates, while the club attracts new members and builds a vibrant club community. Let us know if you would like to learn more about this option for your club.